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This is a private Facebook workout challenge group. After you register for this challenge, please check your email for confirmation as soon as possible.

The Low Impact Standing & Sit and Get Fit Workout Challenges are 4-week exercise programs with only low-impact standing and chair workouts. 


1) A 20 to 30-minute low-impact Sit & Get Fit Workout video. The workouts are uploaded to the private Facebook Group Monday-Friday at 4:00 am Central Standard Time. You can do the workout any time of the day. 

2) A nutritional guide that is optional to follow is provided. 

3) Accountability & Support - Helping You Stay On Track with daily check-ins. 

One-Time Payment: $45

Suggested Equipment: 

1) Chair or bench

2)1 to 3-pound dumbbells. Grab two canned goods or water bottles if you do not have dumbbells. (optional) 

3) 1-5 pound ankle weights (optional)

  • Facebook Private Group Opens: June 28, 2024 at 12pm CST
  • 4-Week Challenge Starts: Monday, July 1, 2024
  • You will have access to the workout videos until the end of the month. 



The link for the private Facebook group is included in your confirmation email. The optional nutritional guide is in the private group.

IMPORTANT: When requesting the group, make sure you ANSWER the membership question and AGREE to the rules. IF YOU DO NOT, YOU WILL BE DECLINED. YOU WILL HAVE TO REQUEST THE GROUP AGAIN. If your registered name differs from your Facebook name, please allow extra time for verification purposes. 

Please register with the correct email address because that's where your confirmation email will go.

Refund Policy: No Refunds



Proceeding with your one-time payment, you acknowledge that you have read and comprehended this disclaimer/waiver. Before commencing any fitness program or exercise routine, seeking guidance from a licensed healthcare professional is imperative. This disclaimer informs individuals that the information and exercises offered do not constitute medical advice and are not intended to supplant the guidance or treatment of a qualified healthcare provider. The individual accepts all risks and obligations associated with any exercises or activities undertaken and consents to indemnify and hold Thick Chick Fitness harmless from any known or unknown claims or legal actions. Always exercise caution and heed your body's signals to prevent injury.

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